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Welcome to Healing Way® – Meditation Choices to Wellbeing

This website was divinely inspired to assist you on the path of transformation and healing. Is it time to heal and release the psychological, emotional, and physical pains of being human? If you are experiencing emotional, physical, or mental suffering in your life & need support then Healing Way® will assist you on your journey!

You no longer need to be a victim and Healing Way® is offering to assist you in taking responsibility for your well being. Healing Way® offers services and resources to support individuals needing to release mental, emotional and physical suffering, individuals needing holistic healing alternatives through meditation, spiritual practices, coaching and individuals seeking transformation so that they may live a healthy life and realize their potential as a spiritual being living the human life. Are you ready to be free? Do you want joy and harmony in your life? This journey of life is a process and bringing love and compassion to ourselves and others is the reason for our existence. It is not always an easy path, but a path well worth taking.

Abbee is the creator of this site and founder of Healing Way®. Abbee will lead you through processes that can improve your wellbeing. Abbee offers training in individual and group meditation techniques, inner child/adult integration, coaching and spiritual education. Abbee is in service to you to facilitate wellbeing and spiritual understanding for daily living as well as during difficult times. 

Holistic healing embraces the body, mind, and spirit when working towards one’s health and wellbeing. You are the embodiment of wholeness as opposed to separate parts. All illness begins in the mental, emotional, or spiritual body before entering the physical. This site also includes a library of holistic healing modalities, as well as meditation techniques for those suffering from addiction or attachments to unhealthy mental and emotional conditioning. The meditation modalities are aimed at providing alternatives to improving one’s emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well being. These are not a substitute for traditional medicine, but may be used in concert with each other.

The resources and services contained herein lead to greater wellbeing as well as provide tools for raising one’s consciousness. You are no longer a victim. Do not be afraid to take back your power and trust yourself. The power is within you.

Welcome to Healing Wayl