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Abbee’s Bio


Portrait of Abbe by Wanelle Fitch.

Abbee spent the first twenty-five years of her career working in both the private and public sector of corporate America and in 2005 was led by spirit to begin her life’s purpose helping others through holistic healing processes and practices for life transformation and healing. Abbee is certified as an Inner Sanctuary Instructor, and holds an MBA from USC and an MA from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She teaches meditation techniques for spiritual development, personal growth and manifestation, stress reduction, as well as meditation techniques specific to those suffering with addiction.

Since the age of twelve, Abbee has studied and sought spiritual practices. She was first taught to meditate from a friend’s dad practicing Buddhism. She has studied many spiritual principals, religions, meditation techniques, holistic healing modalities, energy therapies and intuitive therapies. Abbee has traveled extensively to work with many masters, teachers, and healers.  Abbee is a certified Inner Sanctuary Instructor, Reiki/VortexHealing® Practitioner, and Yhandi facilitator with certifications in various energy therapies and meditation techniques listed under Credentials.

Abbee is available by appointment providing group and individual meditation instruction, as well as classes in spiritual education. Abbee facilitates group mediations, guided imagery, and leads experiential workshops for individuals and corporations.

“Gratitude changed my life. I am so grateful for my life and the people that have crossed my path. We are all connected. We are divine energy and have the ability to create an amazing and joyful life. I look forward to being in service to you as well as offer the website as a library with alternatives for achieving mental, emotional and physical wellness.”

Practicing Vipassana meditation techniques with Abbee can lead to restoration, balance, harmony, restful sleep, creativity and severely reduce or eliminate urges for those suffering with addictions.