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Matrix Energetics

Matrix energetics is a holistic healing modality introduced by James Oschman in discussion of energy medicine and was popularized by Dr. Bartlet in his books and work “The Science and Art of Transformation”. This is a light touch therapy accompanied by focused intent of an energy wave for the purposes of providing relaxation, transformation of beliefs, structured reality and changing ones physical state clearing it of disease. This creative force or imagination of energy re-establishes the flow of biological information with unconscious fields or levels of thought. Dr. Bartlet states that the unconsciousness and the biological physical fields are interacting. I believe this is being done through what Gregg Braden refers to as the Divine Matrix or Ric Weinman refers to as Divine Energies and Divine Consciousness.

Divine Matrix

Gregg Braden is a teacher of the Divine Matrix principals in that we are all connected via Divine Matrix or a web so to speak.  I personally use the divine web as a VortexHealing practitioner when working with clients. I believe that Matrix Energetics is also tapping into the web upon which we as humans ride upon or exist.  Imagine a large spider web made out of energy upon which we are all connected. We are not victims and have the power to heal ourselves and change the world.