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Welcome to the library of healing modalities.

The wholistic approach to health includes evaluation and care of the mind, body and spirit.

Sacred Geometry

Holistic healing uses alternative methods of healing and approaches to wellbeing. The holistic healing modalities listed are categorized in a simplistic way to help you understand the part of being (mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual) that is most directly impacted during a session.

Keep in mind that in truth the healing modalities are working on the mind, body and spirit simultaneously as they are all connected because you are a wholistic person. When one part of you is out of balance your whole being is out of balance. Disease and illness often start in the emotional and mental bodies before manifesting in the physical. These healing practices are very powerful if taken seriously.

If you have a specific problem or aliment and are not sure which modality is best for your illness, disease, anguish or discomfort please contact Abbe for guidance and or a referral.