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MeditationMeditation can be used to reduce stress, eradicate addictions, control impulses, reduce negative reactions, facilitate sleep, provide relaxation, reach higher states of consciousness, create harmony and balance, increase focus, enhance creativity and obtain enlightenment. Basically, meditation helps you train your mind so you can change your relationship to your thoughts and consequently your reactions to your outer and inner environment. Thoughts can become like distractions, clutter or habits that prohibit you from living to your full potential. We process most of our life through thoughts – the filter so to speak. Cleaning the filter and refocusing the patterns in the brain allows for emotional mental and physical purification, new and clean information to be learned, and a deeper connection to ones inner self. Meditation creates new neural networks for strengthening the left part of your brain which ultimately leads to the true information highway which is the heart.

There are many forms of meditation including guided meditation, transcendental, mantra, Zen, drumming, Vipassana (insight), and physical movement meditations including Yoga and Tai chi. Meditations using visualization can create a pathway to connect to spirit, guides and ones higher self. This is a form of prayer which provides support for well being, restoration and creativity.


Vipassana also known as insight meditation is an ancient non sectarian technique practiced traditionally by Buddhist and allows one to see things as impermanent. This meditation helped me lose 23 pounds, quit drinking and smoking; as I lost all cravings.  This is a very powerful meditation and has been known to reduce urges and eradicate many forms of addictions. This meditation works with concentrating on breath and bodily senses. I highly recommend this meditation for those suffering with addiction.  I was trained through the Vipassana Center. and at Spirit Rock. This is a very practical and natural form of meditation.

To attend a one or three day course at the Vipassana Center you must first complete a ten day course. It is by donation only which is paid upon completion of the ten day course. Food and lodging are provided as well. I practice Vipassana and attend courses regularly. This is one of the methods I teach my clients. This is a fairly rigorous meditation but will change your life forever. This is a purification meditation; releasing unhealthy conditioning, as well as addictions; ultimately leading you to equanimity.

You can also practice Vipassana or Insight meditation at Spirit Rock in California for a shorter time period with less restriction. Please contact Abbee if you would like personal, individual or group Vipassana training. Abbe also provides Inner Sanctuary Training (IST). IST is a three day workshop providing a deeper connection with spirit (your higher loving self) to create peace, meaning and manifestation in your life. Click on Services.