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People either love astrology or think it is ridiculous. Astrology is not just the study of the positions of celestial planets and the influence on human behavior and personality but a map for predicting events, weather and outcomes. The problem with the daily watered down horoscope is that it only looks at sun signs. Each person’s astrological chart is actually made up of multiple signs, planets, transits, aspects and houses. Combined they create a beautiful tapestry of relationships and energy.

Astrology has been practiced for centuries and was used by many great leaders and conquerors. It has been said that astrology was used to find Jesus by the star of Bethlehem. Modern science finds no evidence for the validity of astrology; however keep in mind science uses a methodological format for testing that is liner in nature. We already know that some of the great people of our time failed school or never finished college. The testing methodology may not be appropriate for everyone and everything. Astrology involves a considerable amount of math and chart analysis. Astrology can be very complicated, however a good astrologer can walk you through a chart and answer questions and uncover unbelievable truths that can heal you and change your life.