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Crystal Healing

Crystals and gemstones are often used as a tool or catalyst to promote healing and well being. Crystals hold the energy of light and electricity that act as a conduit for transmitting electromagnetic energy and vibrations of universal energy. Crystals are mentioned in the bible, have been used by the ancient Egyptians, native Indians, worn in headdresses, and breastplates for protection, used in the religious ceremonies and worn as jewelry or decoration. Crystals are used to harmonize, balance chakra’s, meridians and electromagnetic fields within the physical body and auric fields.

Crystals can clear negative energy in a room, stimulate mental activity such as creativity, memory, as well reduce depression, insomnia, headaches and lack of energy. Crystals can also cut psychic cords between you and people or entities that are psychically attached. During a session crystals are place on or around the body to receive and transmit energy to attune your vibration with the natural vibration of the crystal. Notice the type of jewelry you are attracted to wear.   The various crystals and gemstones have various properties and meaning that facilitate healing.

Crystal healing uses crystals and gemstones for healing and is often complimented with chromotheraphy (color therapy).