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Sacred Geometry

Sacred GeometryGeometry is the math used to describe physical shapes, sizes and proportions of the seen world. It is a visual representation of various constructs of numbers and is the architecture of the physical world. I believe that the divinity of God can best be seen through geometry. Sacred geometry can be seen in religious buildings, temples, the pyramids, churches, monuments, holy sites, village greens, labyrinths, mandalas , nature, Irish knot work, art, buildings, etc.

It may begin with a simple circle and incorporate triangles and other shapes which are repeated over and over again or duplicated. For the purposes of healing or enlightenment in the case of Buddhist the creation of mandalas as a form of open eye meditation which can be used for relaxation or stress reduction. It is sacred in that it symbolizes something more spiritual or holy in nature. I have used sacred geometry to bring balance and harmony to my energy and physical well being by starring at a geometric shape. I believe that sacred geometry will grow into the field of healing overtime.