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Sound Healing

Sound healing is often used in conjunction with color therapy. Sound carries a vibration when attuned to your body can release blockages, facilitate harmony, create balance, well being and even raise conscious awareness. Dr. Emoto has performed studies demonstrating the impacts of sound on molecular structures such as water. Everything is vibrating at different frequencies. Singing, chanting, drumming and toning vibrates throughout one’s body creating frequencies for healing. Sound is present all around us and used daily during talking. Sound is used for healing and relaxation during guided meditation, during surgery, when giving birth and even through the death process. Ultrasound is widely used in the medical profession today.

Just as colors correspond to the major chakras of one’s energy system; musical notes correspond to each chakra as well. Sound therapy is used to balance and harmonize your energy systems. Sound healing can facilitate restoration of organs vibrating out of frequency.  Often singing bowls, tuning forks and chanting are used for what I would call a sound massage resulting in deep healing. Toning with sound can raise ones vibration and create greater wellbeing.