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VortexHealing® – Energy Therapy

VortexHealingVortexHealing® is a divine healing art that transforms mental, emotional and karmic conditioning. The body is a reflection of the inner workings of a human being including the subconscious and super conscious being. In order to heal a person must get to the root of the problem not only the outward symptom of disease. VortexHealing® can be used to facilitate the healing of serious diseases such as cancer or mild illnesses such as allergies and infections. VortexHealing helps with emotional trauma and can release stress from daily life situations.

Divine light and energy frequencies are directly transmitted through the practitioner to the person to release blockages in ones mental and emotional conditioning as well as the energy systems leading to physical health and emotional well being.

“VortexHealing® uses 49 forms of Divine Vortex energy (pure healing energy and divine consciousness). And each one is designed by the Divine to accomplish a different function, with each one going exactly to where it needs to go to optimally help the person who is receiving healing.”

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