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Yhandi’s Inner Light

Yhandi’s Inner Light

This is a very powerful inner child/adult healing process developed by Patricia Hayes, to address suffering as a result of growing up in a troubled or dysfunctional family environment. The troubled environment may have included abuse, neglect, alcoholism, co-dependency, secrets, unfulfilled needs met, survival needs too early, as well as inconsistent and unpredictable parenting.

The facilitator uses guided imagery, pictorials and therapeutic counseling to access the subconscious mind to heal repressed emotions and negative thinking in a very gentle and non-invasive way. The healing process reveals and transforms the negative repressed emotions of the inner child and saboteur thinking of the adult. Unless healed the unresolved dysfunctional relationship between child and adult will subconsciously result in repeated unconscious negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors throughout life.

Experiencing Yhandi’s Inner Light can result in deep healing, immediate peace of mind, creativity, joy, understanding and resolution.The Yhandi healing process takes eight to ten hours and is completed in multiple sessions over two or three days. I personally believe that every human being should experience Yhandi’s Inner Light. I am forever changed and grateful to have experienced Yhandi’s Light and am honored to share this process with others.

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