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Healing Way® facilitates corporations by offering workshops to enhance productivity through wellbeing as well as one on one training to promote health at the office. Healing Way® teaches stress reduction through communication, breathing and meditation techniques, guided imagery and emotional exercises appropriate for the corporate setting.

Abbee the sole owner of Healing Way® spent 25 years in both the private and public sector of corporate America as a subordinate and manager. Abbee understands corporate culture, perceptions and priorities to deliver services and products. She also understands the impacts of stress on the mind, body and spirit in the workplace. Studies are beginning to show the positive benefits of meditation on brain function and behavior. Healing Way® offers a variety of non sectarian techniques that can be used by everyone.

There is a huge myth that feelings, emotions and personal health doesn’t belong in the work place. But they seem to show up anyway. They are disguised as job dissatisfaction, anger, fear, anxiety, stress, absenteeism, dysfunction and even chronic illness. If you are looking to improve the health of your organization Contact Abbe for facilitation. Harmonizing the mind, body and spirit through meditation, breathing, emotional exercise, and self mastery are key for personal and organizational productivity and wellbeing. Abbee offers group or individual workshops tailored to fit the needs of your organization.