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Tania Massamiri, Ph.D.  is an educator, scientist, intuitive counselor, practitioner of energy medicine, lapidary artist,  and a naturalist with the American Cetacean Society.  She holds a doctorate in pharmacology, and a master in metaphysics.  After spending 2 decades as a biomedical research scientist and being honoured with numerous awards, she has completely merged both of her innate gifts as nature’s advocate and scientist.  Tania now avails her unique skill sets and knowingness to help clients unfold their true boundless treasures beyond the limitations assigned to the mind and beliefs from past experiences.  She is committed to evoke one’s authentic wisdom and inner heart-centered resources to successfully meet life’s challenges more consciously.

As a mystical traveler on the journey to Self-discovery and Truth, she has explored numerous teachings and teachers over the past 25 years, and finds that she resonates predominantly with Eastern approaches to the exploration of:  What is truth…and Inner natural guidance.

As a holistic practitioner, Tania has over 1300 hours of education in alternative healing modalities, as well as several certifications in herbal medicine, alchemy, astrology, and the arts.  Tania also has an intimate connection and love of dolphins and whales; she intuits with their energetic frequencies and bridges their essence into her work…adding a unique, subtle, mystical –and musical J- layer to her alchemy.

StarphinShe also founded Starphin, which offers a line of high frequency Nature Essences to subtly shift, clear and raise the energetic balances in the mind, body and spirit and a companion line of botanical, and holistic body care products that nourish the body and soul simultaneously.

Tania’s magnetism, open-heartedness, and unique spiritual training has inspired many on their quest to reconnect to their great inner Truth while living an awakened life.  Whether out in the wilderness of the oceans toning with the cetaceans, or up in the towers of the corporate arena, you can join Tania and participate in her classes, workshops and retreats in Southern CA, St. Louis MO, Denver CO, or Kona Hawaii.

To Contact Tania: (619) 886-1082;;

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